About Us

BeeStitchin' Embroidery entered my life after I purchased my first Embroidery machine to use with my handmade business and absolutely fell in love. I had been running a handmade business in Australia (Bonnies BubbyCakes) since 2010, and purchased an embroidery machine as a way to shake things up.
I began digitizing and launched BeeStitchin Embroidery in March 2013 - designing digital embroidery designs to be used with personal embroidery machines. And I closed my handmade business to focus on my new digital journey.

A Little About Myself and My Family
Little Old Me
Me - The face behind BeeStitchin' Embroidery (Bonnie)

Life is certainly far from boring in our hive, with 3 busy little bees keeping me on my toes.


We have MrJ – a tall 15-year-old, full of personality . With a love of all things LEGO, LEGO and LEGO (oh and Xbox), and flaming red hair, he’s my not so little prince. He is fast overtaking everyone in height, making me feel tiny, and outsmarting me with his whitty comebacks and jokes. He has his heart set on becoming an Electrical Engineer for the Australian Defence Force. Mr J is our resident Nerd and we love him to bits!

MissK – sassy 10 year old, she certainly knows what she wants from life (well today anyway haha). Our amazing girl with beautiful brown skin (haha she didn't get her beach complexion from me - so jealous haha), bright smile and attitude, is 10 going on 20. She is my budding artist and has just blown me away with her ability to draw whatever she sees.

and then we have the devine MissR – now 7, a mass of scrumptious bouncing blonde waves, vibrant blue eyes and a personality to match. She loves all things Woodworking (she has her own powertools), Bugs, Spiders, Dirt and Trucks. She is our little junior Entomologist (Bug person) and Beekeeper in training. :) Did I mention her favorite place in the world is our local Bunnings store? haha

MrP – My Husband, the bee keeper who spends his (very little) spare time disecting and rebuilding cars… when he isnt covered in grease he is suited up in white, tending to his girls (the bees).

Me? … Im a mum, a small business owner and I work my daytime job in a busy commercial embroidery setting running a wonderously amazing 6 head machine (small compared to many commercial machines, but I love it so much) loving every moment.

(These three bumblebees are our whole world <3 ) 
Bonnie xo


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