About Us

BeeStitchin' Embroidery entered my life after I purchased my first Embroidery machine to use with my other business and absolutely fell in love. I have been running a handmade business in Australia (Bonnies BubbyCakes) since 2010, and purchased an embroidery machine as a way to shake things up.
I began digitizing and launched BeeStitchin Embroidery in March 2013 - designing digital embroidery designs to be used in personal embroidery machines.

A Little About Myself and My Family

The fave behind BeeStitchin' Embroidery

Life is certainly far from boring in our hive, with 3 busy little bees keeping me on my toes.


We have MrJ – a vibrant, boisterous 10 year old . With a love of all things LEGO, LEGO and LEGO (oh and cars), and flaming red hair, he’s my little prince.

MissK – sassy 5 year old, she certainly knows what she wants from life (well today anyway haha). Sometimes I think this little bundle of golden locks, rosey cheeks and attitude, is 5 going on 35.

and then we have the devine MissR – who joined our hive in March 2012. Though time seems to be running away from me with my little pink bundle, now 3,  a mass of scrumptious bouncing blonde curls, vibrant blue eyes and a personality to match.

MrP – My Husband, the bee keeper who spends his (very little) spare time disecting and rebuilding cars… when he isnt covered in grease he is suited up in white, tending to his girls (the bees).

Me? … Im a stay at home mum, and small business owner, loving every moment.

(These three bumblebees are my whole world <3 br="">
Bonnie xo


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